A rain chain in the desert?

Ok, so I bought a "rain chain" and I live in the desert. I love the rain! The problem is, where we live we probably only average about 4 inches per year. I first saw a "rain chain" in the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha," and I've been fascinated with them ever since.
The purpose of the rain chain is to redirect the run off of water from your roof and when the water fills the cups it acts like a fountain. I searched the internet and found many beautiful copper chains some of which were very expensive. Oh well, maybe if we move somewhere where it rains more often, then I'll think about it.
Then one day, I was visiting our local home store and in the garden section they had a rain chain! It wasn't real copper, so the price was right but to me it was beautiful. The funny thing was, three different people that worked there didn't even know what it was. Maybe it was a mistake that the rain chains were sent to that location since everyone seemed to think it was pretty funny or a useless item in this area. I didn't care, I took it home anyway, and it looks beautiful hanging from the eve of our house in the courtyard. Oh, and it really works too! Ok, so it hasn't really rained, but when Russell took the garden hose and sprayed water onto our roof the water ran down in to the "tulip shaped cups." The sound was beautiful... just like rainfall in the desert.


Unknown said…
Bec, I love all your pictures. I so glad
to see your pictures of your kitty's.
Don't worry about the rain, Cause one day
when you live in Oregon or Washington you
will get to here the waterfall all day long.


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