Inspired by the Rain

Spring has arrived despite the 

gray and gloomy skies. 

Just look for the sparkle on the budding tree limbs, 

and listen to the songs of the birds!  

For their song is not about gray nor gloom, it's about new life and abundance!

Green is everywhere! 

(Ok, even in places I'll be weeding later, but that can wait) 

An abundance of water is a gift.

Stillness in some places for now, but I don't see 

sadness here, I see hope. 

Rain creates a softness to everything and makes me feel at peace. 

So, if your Springtime is still rainy, I wish you peace and hope and remember 

this famous quote. 

"Some people feel the rain, 

others just get wet." 

~Roger Miller

Until next time, 



Unknown said…
We are getting some rain too, but definitely no green yet. We are still pretty covered in snow. I am hoping that the next few days of rain will change that. :-)

It looks like the beginning of a beautiful spring for you , Becca!

Have a wonderful week ahead.
Sure looks pretty. We had wet wild weather mixed with dust over the weekend. But here, it's not always so pretty. Rain is a blessing in the desert, but can also be a curse when garbage fills the gutters and flooding occurs. That's exactly what happened with many cars stuck in underpasses. I'm glad blue skies are back. Your photos are always so very lovely. Have a great week.
So very lovely, Becca! I am a rain feeler, too...
Judy S. said…
Nice post, Becca!
Unknown said…
I see so much hope here in these lovely spring images! I would be happy with rain, unfortunately we are getting sleet and snow today. Not much green here yet but I know it's coming!
you make the rain look so inviting!
Jaisy Bonie said…
Once you get through initial "I know what's best" attitude of the manager here, you will agree that - he DOES know what's best, and he does not treat you like just some paycheck. During my wedding here, the wait staff from NYC wedding venues was absolutely the best.

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