A photo of "Mom"

This is an 8x10 canvas collage using a copy of a vintage photo of my mother. I just love her little hair cut and the expression she has on her face.
This was the first time I've ever tried polymer clay on canvas. I stamped into the clay then used walnut ink to stain. I'm really happy with the results and look forward to trying that again soon. Other collage items are just decorative papers. I have lots of memories of my mom at her sewing machine, so I also used some old pattern pieces.

It's still too hot here for me to think about fall, so I thought I'd share some photographs I took this last spring. I never get tired of taking photographs especially in the garden.
Happy Monday!


Awesome collage!! Beautiful on its own, but making it in honour of your mum is so special and sweet.

As for your garden - lovely!! In the picture with the little pot, are those stones in a pond?

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas
Unknown said…
Hey Bec, I love your collage. It turned out great. Maybe I'll try one some day. You will have to get on MIND WIDE OPEN tomorrow and get creative. I think you would kick butt.
As always I just love your photos. I can't wait for fall either.
Becca said…
Hi Jules, thanks for the nice comment! Yes, they're stones in a "patio" fountain that we purchased at one of the home stores. I love to sit outside and hear the sound of the trickling water.

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