Monday, March 30, 2015

Repurposing Tea Tins

We've been blessed with such nice weather lately, that

I've been wanting to be outdoors all the time! 

(yes, I crochet outside too. :-)

So, it was the perfect time to get out all those tea tins I've been saving and

do something fun with them! 

I admit, I am a bit of a hoarder "keeper of things" 

Ok, not THAT bad, but you know what I mean.  Right?

I had a hard time throwing out these cute little Tazo Tea tins because 

I wanted to eventually repurpose them, so this is what I did. 

I decided on succulents because I want to keep these indoors.

I wish I had one of those cute little kitchen window sills over the sink to 

keep herbs and such.  I just love that look! 

So, instead, we have this little "coffee bar" area that's fun to 

decorate for the seasons. 

There's a lot of coffee and tea drinking going on over here. 

I mean, it is Seattle after all! :-) 

Come on over, I'll fix you a cup. 

So tell me, are you a keeper of things too? 

Do you usually find ways to repurpose? 

Thanks for dropping by! 


Monday, March 23, 2015

A Few of my Favorite Things

Oh my, have you seen a copy of 

Bella Grace  yet? 

I've been hearing so much about it from all of you lovelies out there, 

for so long now, that I'm probably one of the last to talk about it!   

I did start with the last winter issue, so cozy and heartwarming, and now 

this spring issue is just so lovely! 

I guess I'm telling you this now, because today was one of 

those days where I just felt blah and all I wanted to do was 

surround myself with some of my favorite things. 

So, it was a great day to just sit with my coffee 

and get lost in pages and pages of inspiring stories and images!  

Rain Drops on Roses?  No, just lavender, lots of lavender!   

Looking through the photographs I took while visiting the lavender farms 

in Sequim last year makes me 

eager for warmer days and catching whiffs of lavender while strolling 

through the purple fields. 

Whiskers on Kittens? 

Yes!  I can't resist a sweet kitty face, can you?  Of course I'm especially partial 

to our 3 sweet cats. 

Lucy will often times curl up on my lap while I'm reading and purr until 

she falls asleep. 

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String...

 ...and speaking of "string," 

I find the process of crocheting covers for stones to be very meditative. 

Well, unless the string you're using to crochet a springtime scarf turns into 

a pile of Raman Noodles!  

(It's actually better now...I've found my mistake and I'm moving on) 

So, while I probably would love to have a "copper kettle" and a pair 

of "warm woolen mittens" I'll just stick to these 

favorite things for now. 

Just sharing this post with you, and thinking about 

some of my favorite 

things has already made me feel less blah.

Enjoy your week my friends! 

Until next time, 


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket...

...or at least in this case, maybe it's ok. 

I'm not even sure when Easter is this year, April 5th right? 

All I know is that the weather has been telling me it's just around the 

corner, and if I want to crochet some egg covers I'd better get busy!  

I picked up this vintage wire egg basket years ago and the dealer gave me the 

plastic eggs that she had displayed in it.  

I remember thinking that I'd decoupage the eggs with colorful paper. 

(still like that idea...hum, now I need more plastic eggs) 

But, for now I decided to crochet covers, since I 

love crochet so much!  You DO know that about me don't you? :-) 

I pulled out all of my thread stash and decided on 

"natural" colors and threads; cotton and my favorite, linen. 

It was a great way to use up thread I already had, and with the 

natural color selection I think I can get away with leaving them 

out in the vintage basket through the end of April, don't you? 

So, will you be decorating eggs for Easter this year?  

I love deviled eggs so I'm thinking I might even get one of the little 

PAAS coloring kits and color some "real" eggs the old fashioned way! 

 Spring has arrived early here in Seattle. 

Everything is in bloom!  

I can only hope that doesn't mean a long hot summer for us 

"cooler, rainy weather folk." 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and that spring is heading your way too!