Monday, November 25, 2013

One November Morning...

One November morning…

I went for a walk, 

…close to home,


…listening to the sounds of nature,

…watching the reflection on the water, 

…feeling the sunshine, 


…quiet, peaceful,

…simply enjoying the beauty that surrounds me...

…on this November morning.

Feeling grateful for so many things…


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Getting Ready For The Holidays!

Hi Friends! 

Wow, time has gotten away from me once again! 

If you are here, reading this, than I want to say 

thank you for not giving up on me! :-) 

I'm here today, to share with you some things I've been 

working on for the holidays. 

I found this FREE PATTERN online to crochet these cute 

little pinecones.

I think they will make a fun addition to my Christmas

gift wrapping, don't you? 

Then, I picked up the magazine you see below that has the pattern 

for making these Christmas ornament cozies. 

I had fun standing out in the rain to get this shot today. 

…and of course, 

once a girl gets started crocheting covers for stones, she 

never stops.  

I made this yellow one for my friend, Stella.

This is my friend, Stella and her daughter Ginger.

I ask Stella if I could post this photo of the two of them.

I love this shot so much, and thought you guys would too. 

Don't they look cute in their hats? 

(photo credit Finfrock Photography )

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have

already seen this photo below. 

This winter, I decided to do something different, and instead of 

leaving our outdoor high top table and chairs to winter over in 

the rain and cold, I brought it indoors! 

This little corner of our bedroom has a nice view that we can now still 

enjoy while staying warm and cozy from the weather! 

I bought the lamp at Target and I keep a deck of cards there for a game of 

Gin Rummy over a glass of wine, or it's also been a fun spot to read

the morning paper with my coffee while watching the rain! 

Speaking of "watching"

I just had to share this photo of Lucy.

She's always very entertained by the squirrels and birds.

Something else I've done this year is keep some wine bottles for 

colorful decoration in the garden. 

It kind of helps keep the gray days colorful!  

The blue is especially my favorite! 

Although the leaves are gone on my Japanese Maple, I've noticed that now 

it often shimmers and sparkles with raindrops! 

 Oh, and finally, some of you might know my friend, Linda.

She and her husband are traveling all over the USA in their RV and have now

made a stop up here in Washington! 

It's been fun to see them while they are here.  You can see Linda's beautiful photos 

from their journey on the road on her BLOG.

So, I'm thinking I'll be back here again before Thanksgiving, but in case I let 

time slip away from me again I want to wish you all a 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

This year my Birthday lands on Thanksgiving Day, so we're going to 

spend it at one of Washington's beautiful lodges on the lake in the Olympic

National Park & Forest. 

Sending all of you good wishes!