Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

You know you're living in Seattle 

when you have your own 

Coffee Bar at your house. 


When you live in an old house with a small and 

very outdated kitchen, 

you kind of have to get creative with the space you do have! 

This space kind of evolved over time...I just keep changing 

and adding to it.

We both love coffee, and I'm a big tea drinker as well. 

Oh be still my heart when I found this vintage coffee grinder at an 

antique shop here in the area. 

Pretty different from this, but oh so quick and easy! 

Who'd a thought I'd have a special place to display this 

collage I made a while back. 

Not to mention the glass table I got in Las Vegas years ago, 

and it sat in our garage because I didn't have a place for it! 

How about you?  Do you like to create special nooks where you live?

Hope your week is going well, 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

If you can't find one...crochet one!

Hi Friends!  

I've had the hardest time trying to find the "right" kind of 

round rug for my craft room.  

So, when I found a pattern on Pinterest, 

for a crocheted one,  I had to try it! 

(you can find the pattern on my Pinterest board...Crochet)

I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and the size is just right.

The night I finished it, I just threw it on the floor, and happened to 

catch a shot on my iPhone of Lucy trying it out. 

From the look on her face, I'd say she approves, 

wouldn't you?

Then, just a few minutes later, Fetzer came in and curled up on it, so 

I was thrilled. 

Hopefully Shatzie will get her turn too. :-) 

You see, the reason for a rug in the first place was to make 

a comfy place that my kitties would enjoy hanging out with me when 

I'm in my room.

The last place we lived, my craft room was the guest room so there was a 

queen size bed in there and lots of soft places for my 

fur babies to snuggle. 

Here, I love having a designated room just for my studio, but with the 

hardwood floors it seems like the kitties just don't get too 

comfortable without something soft to hang out on. 

I threw out the yarn labels so I can't remember the exact brand of 

yarn, but it was one

of those Red Heart or Lion Brand acrylic, and less

expensive yarns.

The label said machine washable, but I've never "washed" crochet 

before, have you?  Would you? 

Oh well, it was fun to make, and hopefully it will last for a while and 

still look nice.

It was also fun to work with a BIG hook and 3 strands of yarn rather 

than my usual 1.65mm hook and thread. 

I think I've mentioned it before, but we have the BEST neighbors around

us.  I heard a knock on the door last night and 

Cindy gathered a bunch of her sunflowers to share with me. 

I've been noticing she picks them and puts them in a 

vase and enjoys them on her covered patio. 

 I am SO ready for Autumn, are you, 

 or are you sad to see summer end? 

The temperature is cooling down, and we are getting more rain. 

I think that's a sure sign 

Autumn is in the air! 

Still trying to get around to visit all of you! 

Thank you for being here,